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Narragansett School     
284 Main Street
Gorham, Maine 04038
Cynthia Remick, Principal
              Telephone (207) 222-1250
                        Fax (207) 839-5018

December 21, 2015

Dear Narragansett Families,

We recently recognized 170 Narragansett students (81% of our total student population) for having GOOD ATTENDANCE from September 1st through December 14th. Two or fewer absences per trimester (6 or fewer absences per year) is considered to be “good attendance.” This is the point where the number of absences is not likely to have a serious impact on student achievement and growth.

Beginning in January, we would like to launch a new incentive program designed to help even more students become “Attendance Stars.”  Every day a child comes to school, he/she will fill out an “Attendance Star” ticket.  At the end of each month, all attendance tickets will be used in either a classroom or school-wide raffle for “prizes.”   While we are still brainstorming ideas for non-monetary incentives, here are a few examples of prizes that may be awarded to individual or groups of children:

  • Extra recess
  • Lunch with an adult of their choice
  • Game-time with 2 friends of their choice
  • Helping out in a buddy classroom
Students who may arrive late to school will be encouraged to fill out an attendance ticket in the office when they are signed in.  We will make sure that these tickets are added to the applicable classroom collection.  

The research has shown that students with good school attendance build habits that will help lead to successes later in life.  Regular school attendance at the elementary level leads to greater academic success in middle school, high school and college. It also leads to greater success in the work place. Making a commitment to regular school attendance, sends children the message (as early as Kindergarten) that school IS important and that EACH DAY MATTERS!  

Thank you for setting your child up for success!  

Cynthia Remick

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Last Modified: Dec 20, 2015