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Narragansett School     
284 Main Street
Gorham, Maine 04038
Cynthia Remick, Principal
              Telephone (207) 222-1250
                        Fax (207) 839-5018

September 1, 2016

Dear Narragansett Families,

On behalf of the Narragansett School faculty, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year!  We are fully committed to "growing hearts, as well as "growing minds."  As such, our staff will consistently engage students in an educational environment that fosters our core beliefs: compassion, courage, responsibility, respect and honesty.  Recognizing that YOU have been your child's primary "teacher" for many years, we welcome your partnership in the educational development of your child.

In reflection of my first year at Narragansett, I recognize the need for increased efficiency in communications with our families.  Therefore, we are going to implement a THURSDAY FOLDER communication system.  Beginning today, families will receive one notification each week from the main office at Narragansett School.  This communication will be sent on Thursdays via e-mail.  Within this one communication, you will receive information about upcoming school events and important school-wide notifications. You will also receive, as pdf attachments, notices and flyers from approved organizations within the community (Gorham Recreation Dept., Boys Scouts, Girls on the Run, etc.).  If you have not provided the office with an e-mail address, and would like to receive these important communications, please share your e-mail address with us.  In the absence of a parent/guardian e-mail, we will send home paper copies of these notifications in your childís backpack each Thursday.  We hope you find this form of communication more streamlined for your family.

I have also recognized a need for Narragansett School to partner with our families in order to increase regular student attendance.  Last year, 67 students missed 7 (or more) days of school.  This is the equivalent to one out of every three children, or approximately 6 children in each of our classrooms.  As you can imagine, this rate of absenteeism can impact the learning of all students within the classroom.  Given this data, the Narragansett faculty has established some short-term and long-term goals for all of our students this year.

Trimester 1 Goal: Each student will miss no more than 2 days of school from Aug. 30-Nov. 22
Trimester 2 Goal: Each student will miss no more than 2 days of school from Nov. 28-March 10
Trimester 3 Goal: Each student will miss no more than 2 days of school from March 13-June8*

Annual Goal: Each student will miss no more than 6 days of school for the entire year (Aug. 30-June 8*)

All children who meet these desired goals will receive public recognition and a small reward for their accomplishment.  Rewards may include: a certificate, extra recess, lunch with the principal on the stage in the cafeteria, a “bad tag,” or a silicone bracelet.  We will be sharing this plan with our students in a school-wide assembly on September 9th.

While we would like to increase regular student attendance, perfect attendance is not the goal. Children and adults both get sick. When a child is legitimately sick, it is important that they stay home to help aid in recovery and reduce the duration of any illnesses, as well as protect others at school by not being exposed to any illnesses.

THANK YOU for your continued support in our partnership to make our Gorham schools an exceptional place for children to learn and grow.


Cynthia Remick
September is~Attendance Awareness month!

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Last Modified: Aug 31, 2016