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From the Classrooms
Activities in and around Narragansett Classrooms - 2010-2011

The Irish Step Dancers performed for us on St.Patrick's Day - March 17, 2010

First Graders learn about Fire Safety - December 20

Ms. Ridge's class from Gorham Middle School and Ms. Durant-Harthorne's second grade class from Narragansett School are currently collaborating using SKYPE.  Each week students read their reading group books with the middle schoolers.  Each group has a copy of the books and they take turns reading.  Today we spent our SKYPE time with the middle schoolers while they read "The Polar Express."  They read to all of the second graders who watched on their projector screen.  What great opportunities technology can bring into classrooms!!

All second graders spent the day on December 10th traveling around to different countries for a 'Cultural Exchange Day'!  At each stop they learned about the country's flag, their custom and how they celebrate this time of year.  They used their custom made passports to gain entry into Russia, France, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Italy and Germany.  Fun was had by all!!

Jenny and Jake came to Narragansett School today to visit. They are therapy dogs. They visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. Their owner, Holly Fent, said therapy dogs can even help children learn to read!

Reading is so important at such an early age. Mrs. Carlson's second grade likes to choose books to read to Ms. Simpson's Kindergarteners. Both classes look forward to their weekly "Partner Reading"!

Thanksgiving brings to mind a vision of turkeys. Ms. Simpson's Kindergarten students had a home-school connection by doing a family project. Each family received a large paper turkey, and it was up to each family to choose different materials to fill in each section of the turkey. The results were beautiful turkey collages!

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