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Overview of Narragansett School

Narragansett currently serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  All teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in meeting the needs, and understanding the characteristics of children this age. We provide a curriculum that is adopted by the district, used in all three K-5 schools, and that incorporates the high academic standards of our Maine Learning Results and the Common Core State Standards.  

Narragansett provides additional support in reading and math to those students who are having difficulty meeting grade level expectations.  Identified students are given researched based interventions and monitored for growth and improvement.  This additional instruction is provided by specialist teachers, or by Ed Techs in the Learning Lab. We also have two special education programs: a Resource Room, and an Applied Academics program. Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy are also available to those students meeting the eligibility criteria.

The basic academic curriculum is enriched by quality programs and specialists. Students have physical education, art, music and library/technology on a weekly basis. There are two laptop carts available for teachers to use in their classrooms.  We have a Nurse (RN), Social Worker and Instructional Strategist to assist students, parents and staff with academic, social, emotional, and/or medical concerns.  The K-5 schools share a Literacy and a Math Coordinator whose job it is to ensure that we are dedicated to best practice in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

School culture is of utmost importance. The staff has worked to define behavioral expectations in the common areas (hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria and recess) and during assemblies. We have adopted particular techniques for use in the classrooms that will increase student accountability and engagement. Student Leaders have played an important role in mentoring, problem-solving, and spirit-building. We will continue to work hard to provide opportunities for all students to be successful.


Last Modified: Sep 01, 2015