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Narragansett School
A Center of Inquiry
284 Main Street
Gorham, Maine 04038
Polly Brann, M.S. Ed, CAS Principal

Telephone (207) 222-1250
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October 26, 2012

Dear Narragansett Families,

We have been enjoying the beautiful bonus days! The kids have been able to be outside both for PE classes and daily recess. The doors and windows have been open for lots of fresh air. We are taking advantage of the opportunity because we all know what's to come…

Have you noticed the bird feeders in front of the office and library, and further along the school wings? We have been visited by chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, pine siskins, crows, nuthatches, mockingbirds, and goldfinches. Be sure to watch when you come in. We have a very busy front door area!

Lots of after school activities are going on these days. Kids Klubs are in full swing with American Girl Dolls, birds, crafts, board games, baseball scoring, and readers' theater. The GETechie kids meet at Village on Tuesdays. Student Leaders are meeting monthly on Tuesdays as well. Band meets on Mondays at Village for returning kids, and on Wednesdays at Narragansett for beginners. Gorham Rec begins the basketball program for 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths for all three schools at Narragansett on Monday.

We have a new fence outlining the West playground area. Once the ground freezes, the last portable will be moved out.  

Be sure to mark your calendars for our first Family Geo/Multicultural Night, which will be on November 15th, from 6-7:30. The date coincides with Geography Awareness Week, a national focus. Kudos to Mrs. Bentley who has done the lion's share for this special evening. Many activities for all ages have been planned, including quiet and active games, puzzles, reading, researching, exploring computer web sites, coloring maps and creating scrapbook pages.

At our next PIE meeting (Partners In Education), we plan to focus on the Geo Night and help finish up anything that Mrs. Bentley needs to have done. Please join us if you can. You are always welcome! We will meet on November 6th, 6-7:30, in the staff kitchen.

Thank you for all your support buy purchasing Meadow Farms products, our fundraiser for the year. We have earned just over $4000 for the school. Orders are in and can be picked up in classrooms. With the money, we will pay for field trips and other enrichment opportunities, support families in need, and have more fun family events!

Keep the Box Tops coming! There are two deadlines: one in the fall and another in the spring. The next deadline is coming right up.  There is still time to send more in next week if you have any. Marci Delaney will collect, count and mail them in. Last year we got over $600 from General Mills. Thank you for taking the extra time to clip and send them in!

Mrs. Flanders our K-5 ESL teacher has been hosting Pawara Rueangmanee, also known as “Mimi,” who is from Thailand. Mimi is staying with the Flanders at their home in Gorham. Mimi teaches English to high schoolers and has come here to observe teaching methods and to share her culture with us. Several classrooms have learned to say the Thai greeting and have learned some interesting things about her country. She has given us a wall hanging with the symbol of good luck "the elephant" that we will frame and hang in the front area for all to see. Mimi has been to the middle and high schools, to a charter school, and to the East End Community School. Her stay in Gorham is short, only three weeks, but she will take fond memories of Gorham and of Maine home with her.  Mrs. Flanders will visit Mimi for a few weeks in Thailand next summer.  Thanks to Mrs. Flanders and her efforts, we have enjoyed a wonderful cultural opportunity!

Mrs. Adolf and our 16 Student Leaders are planning to open a School Store to sell pencils, erasers, and assorted school items. They have borrowed seed money from our fundraiser funds and have plans to repay the loan.  Profits from sales will be split three ways: one-third reinvested into the business, one-third to Narragansett School, and one-third to a charity of their choosing. You will be getting more info soon.

Sincere thanks to those of you who have contributed to Targets' red card program by opening an account. We have received a $25 gift card, which we have donated to the Student Leaders for the Narragansett School Store start-up.

Perhaps you have seen Math and Science Connection which comes to us throughout the year. We have subscribed for this year and would like to know if you have made use of it with your kids. There are two versions: the intermediate edition we send out to 3-5 grades, and the beginning edition that goes out to K-2's. We will put together a survey for you soon.

Did you know that This Week At Narragansett School is a feature on the web page? Log on to for school information and to look ahead to the coming week's activities.

It was great seeing you during conferences--we appreciate your support!
Mrs. Brann

Last Modified: Oct 29, 2012