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Parent Letter -September 23
Narragansett School

September 23, 2010
Dear Parents,
I am writing to inform you that Brad Smith, Principal of Narragansett for the past six years, and Principal of both Narragansett and White Rock during 2009-10, and to date for 2010-11, has been appointed as Assistant Superintendent for SAD 75 (Mt. Ararat/Topsham).  Brad has my full support for this career move.  His last day in Gorham will be Friday, October 8, 2010. I am most appreciative of the fine work that Brad has done in Gorham.  He has played an instrumental role in the K-5 Transition and with SBR, as well as serving in numerous capacities across the school district.

I am also pleased to announce that Polly Brann has been appointed as Principal of Narragansett and White Rock for 2010-11 and that she will continue as Principal of Narragansett as of July 1, 2011.  Polly has served with distinction as the Assistant Principal of Narragansett and White Rock during 2009-10 and for the present year.
I am also pleased to announce that Jodi Mezzanotte (Lemieux) will join Polly and serve as the Assistant Principal of Narragansett and White Rock for the duration of school year 2010-11 and, subsequently, will assume her previously announced position of Assistant Principal of Village School as of July 1, 2011.  

Jodi, currently teaching third grade at Village will be replaced by Cindy Blake (certified teacher), currently serving as an Ed Tech at Village. Cindy served in a similar capacity a few years ago at Village and did a commendable job. She will serve as a long-term sub for the duration of the present school year. Brian Porter and Jane Esty, Principal and Assistant Principal of Village respectively, will handle the replacement for Cindy and her current responsibilities at Village.

Finally, as you may recall from an announcement of K-5 administrative appointments made last spring, appointments effective as of July 1, 2011, Polly Brann was going to serve as Assistant Principal at the new elementary school, teaming with Jane Esty as Principal. With the appointment of Polly as Principal of Narragansett, we will be posting internally the opening of the Assistant Principal of the new elementary school at a date later this school year. We are still determining what additional administrative support will be appropriate for Narragansett, effective July 1, 2011, given that the enrollment will then be approximately 275-300 students.  Currently, the enrollment is 441 students. Further information on that will be forthcoming later this school year.

Please join me in congratulating each of these fine professionals as they prepare to assume their new responsibilities, effective October 12, 2010.

Ted Sharp
Superintendent of Schools

Last Modified: Dec 02, 2010