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Narragansett News

Winter 2014

Welcome to Narragansett News! It is our intent to use this newsletter to keep you abreast of the school's activities. In this edition we have "News from Our Students" written by kids with editing help from Mrs. Bentley or their classroom teacher.

Important dates
Here are some dates to add to your calendars:
March 4        PIE Meeting, 6:00-7:30
March 5        Kids' Klubs begin, 3:15-4:00
March 9-14   Conference Week
March 12      Early release for conferences.  No Kids' Klubs
March 14      No school.  K-12 Conference Day
March 19      Kids' Klubs
March 21      Trimester Ends
March 28      No School.  K-12 In-service
March 31      Report cards come home
April 3          Art Show and Ice Cream Social

Partners in Education

You are welcome to join us any month. We meet on the first Tuesday, from 6-7:30 in the staff kitchen. In January, members of the School Committee came to our meeting and addressed any questions people asked. Our next meeting is on March 4rd. We will be having an update on the 5K as a fundraiser. We will also be planning for the Art Show and Ice Cream Social.


From the School Counselor
From: “Raise a Kid Who Won't Give Up” by Leah Kaplan, Parent's Magazine, April 2012

Kids confront challenges, big and small, everyday. A growing body of research suggests that perseverance may even trump innate ability in determining how successful kids will be in life.  Researchers have found that individual achievement most likely was more closely linked to drive, discipline, and dedication than to talent. But what if you happen to be raising a child who is easily frustrated? While temperament makes a difference, all children can be taught to push themselves beyond where thy thought they could go.

Tone down the cheerleading.  While many parents dole out kudos often and abundantly with the intent of instilling in their children the thought that they can do anything; this ego boosting may have the opposite effect.  It may stifle their self-confidence and motivation and turn them into praise addicts who need constant affirmation.


Please send your children to school prepared to go outside with warm outwear: coats, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants and boots. They should also have a pair of indoor shoes to keep their feet cozy and dry. We send the students out every day when it's above 10 degrees!  It's good exercise, provides vitamin D (when the sun is out) and the fresh air helps keep illnesses at bay.

Use of Cough Drops in School

In accordance with the medication policy and due to concerns of choking, allergic reactions and overuse, we are sending this reminder that medicated cough drops (those with any additives such as menthol, vitamins, cough suppressants, etc.) are regarded as medications and therefore require written permission from BOTH the student's physician and parent/guardian.  As with any other medication, these medicated cough drops should be delivered to school by an adult, leaving just enough for one week with the school nurse.  If your child still needs them after one week, you should consult your child's physician.
Non-medicated cough drops such as plain Luden throat drops or Halls Breezers may be used in school with written permission from a parent or guardian.  ANY cough drops should be used no more than once every two hours.  Sipping water all day is just as effective, with the added bonus of increased hydration and quicker recovery.  Feel free to send your child to school with their own water bottle!

Our goal is to ensure the safety and well being of all students, and we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Jim Trelease, an expert in reading, shares some interesting information in his book, The Read-Aloud Handbook that parents might find helpful.
“We read to children for all the same reasons we talk with children: to reassure, to entertain, to bond, to inform or explain, to arouse curiosity, to inspire. But in reading aloud, we also: condition the child's brain to associate reading with pleasure; create back ground knowledge; build vocabulary; [and] provide a reading role model.”

“Whenever an adult reads to a child, three important things are happening simultaneously and painlessly: (1) a pleasure connection is being made between child and book, (2) both [adult] and child are learning something from the book they're sharing (double learning), and (3) the adult is pouring sound and syllables called words into the child's ear.

We need your help! Do you have old cell phones, laptops, ereaders, or MP3 players hanging around collecting dust? Please send them in to Narragansett School. Our school recycles these electronics for cash. We use the cash we make from the recycling program to buy items for our library. Right now Narragansett library needs a magazine rack. We have great magazines for all ages but we don't have a great way to display them.

Do you own a business that uses laser/inkjet printers? We recycle those cartridges as well. We would love to have a corporate sponsor. Let me know if you would like to sponsor our school. I will be glad to help you get started.

Please go to the following website for information on products we recycle. You will also be able to see just how much the items you send into school will be worth.
Thank you for your help with this project.
Denise Asselin, Library Tech

                                                          Labels for Education
By Laure McKeen

Narragansett is excited to be taking part in a new school-wide fundraising program called Labels for Education.  A letter and list of products was sent home in January and we are hoping that you can help us collect labels and caps from participating products.  At the end of the school year, we can trade in these labels and caps for points and purchase school supplies from their merchandise catalogue.

So…..”From soup, cereal and snacks to dairy products, beverages and food storage - your kitchen's probably full of eligible Labels for Education items. Get clipping and start earning free stuff for your school!”

Thank you everyone!


Students at Narragansett School send out a great big thank you to the Gorham Educational Foundation for providing a grant to purchase items for after school Kids Klubs.  We were able to purchase Legos, Tinkertoys, and Lincoln Logs.  Everyone was very excited when the package arrived and we unpacked the items.  Everyone is excited for Kids Klubs to start up again.

Student News…

Ice Skating at Narragansett School
By Ella, Paige, and Nichole

On Martin Luther King day, the fourth grade classes with their families and teachers went ice-skating at the Narragansett School skating rink.  Thank you parents and teachers for shoveling all the snow off the ice so that we could skate!
There were many different activities that people did. Some played hockey, while other kids just skated around with friends, parents and teachers. All of our siblings played with each other. We all had a great time.  Thank you fourth grade teachers for thinking of us and putting that together for us to have fun on our day off.


                                                                            Pennies for the Planet
By Kyra, Abby and Hailee

Every year Pennies for the Planet raises money for different causes. This year the money went to Puffins in Maine!  We raised a lot of money by having good teamwork.
Mrs. KcKeenís class and Mrs. Burnsí class created posters to hang up around the school. Everybody worked together to raise $202.20!  There was a lot of money to count! Thank you everybody for all of your help.

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