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Questions and Answers
Water Retention Pond at Narragansett
August 2010

The following are some anticipated questions asked of Norm Justice, Director of Facilities and Transportation, and his response to them.  Hope you will find these helpful for yourself, or others asking about the project.     -Brad Smith, Principal

1.  What is the work that happening in front of Narragansett and why is it being done?
We are constructing a storm water management pond. It is a DEP requirement. (Department of Environmental Protection, State of  Maine)

2.  Will that area have a fence around it?  Will there be water in the pond, and if so, how deep?
Yes, it will be fenced. Yes, they anticipate water in the pond. It will be about 5 feet deep under normal circumstances; during severe storms the water elevation could rise another 2-5 feet.

3.  How does the work out front affect parent and staff parking on that portion of the driveway?
Unfortunately we have lost the parking adjacent to the pond. Without curbing on the other side, it will probably be unavoidable to have parents parking there. The Planning Board recognized the drop off issue and added a walkway from the existing parking lot to a new parking lot being constructed behind the Public Safety building. The new parking lot can be accessed by the new roadway that will connect Main Street to Gray Road/Route 202.

4.  When will all the work be completed?
It will be completed by August 15th for the pond, and work in and around the school. October 15th is the completion date for the new road and parking areas.

5.  What is happening out back?  Will any of this affect Narragansett students' play area when we become K-5?
Out back of the school they are constructing the new road and a new parking lot. The work is far enough from the school so that it should not be a problem. Once school starts the construction access should be through Public Safety or Gray Road.

6.  Is the ice skating rink including lighting going to remain or move to another location?
It remains where it is with the lighting.

7.  Does any of this work improve the safety of student drop-off and pick up for this coming school year?
It would help if parents used the new parking area, thereby keeping them out of the Narragansett Drive and from competing with buses for space.

Last Modified: Aug 24, 2010